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Daily Archives: 20. March 2018 − News & Stories

Caleta Profundo – Isla Hose: 20 March 2018

Magellan discovered the strait that he got named after him in 1520 during the famous voyage that was to become the very first circumnavigation of the globe. A great advantage for us: we know that the Strait of Magellan exists and where it is, so we can easily enjoy the passage of the eastern part, which we do happily while the weather is good for this long channel.

Caleta Profundo - Isla Hose

Another beautiful quiet and remote bay and after all: the Sun!

After a passage of 30 hours, we entered Canal Smyth north of the Strait of Magellan, leaving Tierra del Fuego behind us now. The anchor went down in a lovely Caleta, one of these sweet, little bays made by the glaciers just for sailing boats. It takes always a bit of climbing on the steep, slippery shores to get the shorelines fixed, which is good fun, and once it is done, you have an almost bombproof place for the night, in most cases (still, we usually keep an anchorwatch).

We still had time to explore the surroundings in the morning, and we even had sunshine on top of it! Can you believe it? It had been a while, these waters are not exactly sunshine country. Still, it is beautiful here in almost any kind of weather, but of course it is so much more enjoyable when the sun is out. All these colours! All these shades of green in the lush coastal forests! The water, the sky, the clouds, the land … breathtakingly beautiful on a day like this. Bay, narrow channels … A Ringed kingfisher was sitting on a branch as if it was getting paid for it.

Ringed kingfisher

Photoshooting with a Ringed kingfisher

Later, we had the opportunity to stretch legs a bit on Isla Hose, kreeping through the densely vegetated forests while trying to get up a hill to enjoy some great views. Now we are enjoying a calm night in another well-sheltered Caleta while some heavy weather is said to come up outside. Shouldn’t really bother us in here.

Gallery – Caleta Profundo – Isla Hose: 20 March 2018

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