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Daily Archives: 23. March 2018 − News & Stories

Canal Sar­mi­en­to – 23 March 2018

The wind should have cal­med down over night, and so it did inde­ed. Not that it was real­ly comfy, stan­ding out­side and stee­ring the ship. Still 30 knots of wind on the nose of ship and helms­man, plus a bit of rain and the occa­sio­nal bit of hail. Pata­go­nia.

But then came dif­fe­rent times! Blue ski­es and sun! We fol­lo­wed various water­ways for many miles to the north, enjoy­ing wea­ther and sce­ne­ry on deck. Paso Vic­to­ria, the long Canal Sar­mi­en­to and other big, beau­ti­ful chan­nels most peop­le will hard­ly ever have heard of.

Canal Sarmiento

Blue Sky over Canal Sar­mi­en­to

Bro­ken land. Many the­se chan­nels are drawn like with a ruler, a strai­ght line. They fol­low huge faults, that is geo­lo­gi­cal cracks, in geo­metri­cal pat­terns; sets of fault lines fol­low cer­tain direc­tions and then the­re are several of the­se main direc­tions. Altog­e­ther forming pat­terns that you can clear­ly see on the hills­i­des and on the map. The vege­ta­ti­on is a bit more spar­se here, espe­cial­ly on some light-grey moun­tains with roun­ded tops, which appe­ar to con­sist of gra­ni­te or some simi­lar crystal­li­ne rock.

The latest wea­ther fore­cast cau­ses mixed thoughts regar­ding tomor­row. Our plan is to visit the famous Ama­lia gla­cier, which is said to be beau­ti­ful. But the new fore­cast pro­mi­ses a lot of wind alrea­dy tomor­row. We will have to see how that all fits tog­e­ther. We will see. In the end, natu­re rules.

For the moment, we deci­de to drop the anchor in a litt­le, silent bay cal­led „Puer­to Bue­no“, hoping that the name does not pro­mi­se too much.

Gal­le­ry – Canal Sar­mi­en­to – 23 March 2018

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