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Daily Archives: 25. March 2018 − News & Stories

Caleta Colibri – 25 March 2018

Caleta Colibri is not a place for long hikes. The forest is so dense that it is simply impossible to get anywhere. I have tried it. It does not work.

But there are several interesting places. In one place, people obviously spent a lot of time eating mussels. There is a big pile of them. Who and when? That’s something we’d also love to know.

A pile of mussels on the beach of Caleta Colibri

Where do all these mussels come from? Unsolved questions in the Caleta Colibri

You can climb up a tree and it does hardly look different from standing on the ground. Many of them are so densely covered with mosses and all sorts of plants that it looks like the ground. It is all green, everywhere.

And, yes, Caleta Colibri lived up to its name! A small group of dedicated photographers waited patiently to get a chance, and we were rewarded. I would guess it was a Green-backed firecrown (Sephanoides sephanoides), according to our book „Bird of Chile“.

Gallery – Caleta Colibri – 25 March 2018

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Now the wind has to calm down a bit so we can continue towards Puerto Edén. That is the next place we are heading for and the first place since Puerto Williams where people are living. We have to go shopping, we are running out of chocolate and beer.

Hummingbird in the Caleta Colibri

Nomen est omen: Caleta Colibri

Canal Tres Corres – 25 March 2018

After a real Sunday morning breakfast (scrambled eggs and fresh rolls!) it was time to move northwards again. Wind and rain in Canal Pitt, stunning light later, sun and blue sky alternating with some light clouds.

The wind is supposed to pick up again strongly tonight, so we decide to hide in Caleta Colibri. A lovely place for a calm night. And maybe the name keeps the promise ..?

Canal Tres Corres

A lovely bay with a promising name: Caleta Colibri, Canal Tres Corres

Gallery – Canal Tres Corres – 25 March 2018

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