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Daily Archives: 31. March 2018 − News & Stories

Archipelago de los Chonos – 31 March 2018

Good to be in sheltered coastal waters again! The surf on the outer coast was very impressive, not a good place to run aground, as countless ships did trough the centuries. We had our bearings right and entered Bahía Anna Pink (one of those lovely placenames again), the entrance to a system of channels through the Archipelago de los Chonos. The sea got completely calm during the morning, the water was like a mirror again mid-day.

Canal Pulluche - Archipelago de los Chonos - 31 March 2018

Green trees covering the mountains in the Archipelago de los Chonos

The sun was shining warmly and T-shirts and shorts were seen on the sun deck. Maybe it was just the impression under the coincidence of today’s weather, but everything seems to be milder than south of the Golfo de Penas: the air is warm, the forests are covering the hills up to higher altitudes, the land appears green, lush and mild. Nevertheless, penguins are swimming around in considerable numbers and further inland, there is one of the biggest non-polar ice-caps of the Earth. Maybe it is really just the weather of today …

Canal Chacabuco - Archipelago de los Chonos - 31 March 2018

Sunrays hit the water, Canal Chacabuco

Canal Errazuriz - Archipelago de los Chonos - 31 March 2018

Sailing in the late evening and during the night, across calm waters and in moonlight, is very atmospheric!

Gallery – Archipelago de los Chonos – 31 March 2018

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