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Daily Archives: 15. February 2020 − News & Stories

Bluff – getting ready for Antarctica

Did you know that Bluff is not just the southernmost town in New Zealand but also the oldest one? James Spencer settled down here in 1824 and founded a fishing station which employed 21 people.

Today, the number of inhabitants has grown well beyond 21 and they have all sorts of professions well beyond fishing.

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Such as helping people like us who are about to get ready for a very long antarctic voyage. The amounts of food stuffs, fuels and other supplies that we get delivered to the ship are quite incredible. And it is quite a bit of work to get that all on board … but eventuell it is done and there is still time for a good walk, up the hill to the viewpoint, down to the coast at Lookout Point on the other side and back along the coastline. Great views, great scenery, great remants of the original mountain forests. A mild oceanic breeze and wide views over the south end of New Zealand, Stewart Island and the Southern Ocean. That’s where we will be very soon, heading south.


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