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Daily Archives: 28. February 2020 − News & Stories

McMurdo Sound – 28th February, 2020

We have reached the core area of our voyage, McMurdo Sound, the heart of the Ross Sea.

But, alas, the timing appears to be bad. A strong low pressure moves over the Ross Sea area and the coastal zone of low winds in McMurdo Sound that the forecast had promised turned out to be non-existent. No chance to get ashore as the winds are raging from 25 knots upwards to more than 50 knots. We pass Cape Royds and Cape Evans, Hut Point and McMurdo Base and even Scott Base – the sea is completely open as far as that! Unbelievable; that does certainly not happen every year. But it is already starting to freeze over again. The temperature is around -12 degrees and grey stripes of grease ice are all over the waves.

mcmurdo soand (gallery):

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Moving down the Ross Sea – 28th February, 2020

The weather in the Terra Nova Bay area is not exactly great today. No chance to make a landing on Inexpressible Island, where Scott’s northern party spend a miserable winter in 1912 and where China is currently preparing for building another station (great! Another station! Antarctica needs more stations! China only has four stations, they do need another one! And there are only three stations so far in Terra Nova Bay, there has to be a fourth one! Forgive me for getting slightly sarcastic here).

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We pass the Italian Mario Zucchelli Base and later we get a glimpse of the German Gondwana Base. Then we find a little bay that provides enough shelter for a lovely little Zodiac cruise, with plenty of Weddell seals, Adélie penguins and some good scenery. The view is clearing up towards the evening.


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