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Author Archives: Elke Lindner

Scientists surprised by larger numbers of Adélie penguins

During a a joint venture project of Australian, French, and Japanese researchers scientists found that there were twice as many Adélie penguins as originally thought. They observed a 5000km long coastal stretch in the East Antarctic. Instead of the expected … Continue reading

What’s the age of Krill?

What’s the age of Krill? Australian researchers report in the journal PLOS ONE, that they were able to determine the exact age of Krill for the first time. As known from lobsters and crabs, the age of Antarctic krill can … Continue reading

Changing phytoplankton in a changing climate

A glimpse into Australia’s Antarctic Science programs: Changing phytoplankton in a changing climate: href=““ target=“_blank“>In a review on antarctic polar science projects in recent years the authors conclude that climate change also alters the composition, the distribution and the growth … Continue reading

The menu of penguins might help to predict changes of their marine habitat

In the middle of the Southern Ocean there is a great wildlife paradise: South Georgia. The archipelago is well known for the large numbers of sea birds and seals that are breeding here. The land is home for four species … Continue reading

How are the penguins of the South Orkney Islands doing?

A recent long-term study reports on the development of the three brush-tailed penguins: Adélie, Chinstrap and Gentoo penguins on the South Orkney Islands. The study compares their situation with the population development around the Antarctic Peninsula. The scientists can look … Continue reading

Ornithological peculiarity of the Antarctic

North-West of the Antarctic Peninsula the South Shetland Islands are situated. Here research stations of many countries are gathering, because some of the islands are easy to reach by ship and there are relatively large ice free areas. During the … Continue reading

Kayak adventure in the Southern Ocean

Three young men have completed their their daring expedition last month, reported Foxnews. Two Chileans and a Spaniard paddled for eleven days within the South Shetland archipelago. They started their journey on January 20th in Punta Arenas, Chile. With the … Continue reading

Halley VI: An antarctic research station has to move

In 2012, the British Antarctic Survey had built an ultra-modern research station, on the eastern side of the Weddell sea: Halley VI. The five previous stations were either covered in snow or not safe to use anymore. Similar to the … Continue reading

Does the Larsen C ice shelf in the Weddell Sea collapse?

In the beginning of January, British researchers notified on the current situation of the Larsen C Ice Shelf. This ice shelf is located on the East side of the Antarctic Peninsula. A well known and observed crack has grown quickly … Continue reading

Lantern fruits in Antarctica?

Lantern fruits in Antarctica? Tomatoes, potatoes and tobacco from the big ice? According to the online news section of the magazine Science, US-American and Argentinian researchers have found fossils in Patagonia, Argentina, that belong to the nightshade family, as today’s … Continue reading

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