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Mystery of the green icebergs solved

Green icebergs, also called jade icebergs, are rare. Actually so rare that they have sometimes been taken for a cock-and-bull story. But they do exist. I have seen several ones myself. So long ago that I have not been able … Continue reading

South Georgia’s albatrosses are still suffering from bycatch in fisheries

Those who have the privilege to have seen South Georgia with their own eyes will remember the island as a wildlife paradise. Seals, penguins, flying seabirds – they are all there. The colonies are hugely impressive. And there have been … Continue reading

Falkland Islands: Pebble Island for sale

Who does not dream of an island of her or his own? This dream can come true soon in the Falkland Islands, where Pebble Island is now for sale. It is not just any small island, but the 5th largest … Continue reading

Researchers are spying on table manners of whales

Do marine biologists not already know about the feeding and migrational behaviour of humpback whales? After all, these animals are the best-studied whales in the southern hemisphere. So far, small data loggers attached to the animals have sampled depth data, … Continue reading

Patagonia under sail 2018: triplog and fotos

Following to the triplog and photos of our Antarctic expedition with SY Anne-Margaretha in early 2018, we have now got the Patagonia triplog with associated photo collections and some short storytelling online. With the log, stories and photos, you can … Continue reading

South Georgia rat eradication project successful

The “South Georgia Habitat Restauration Project” has been followed in several news posts on this website before. This ambitious project is aimed at getting rid of all rats on the island of South Georgia. Rats are a serious threat for … Continue reading

Postcard set Antarctica: limited edition 2018

Many trips to Antarctica spanning a vast area from South Georgia to the Ross Sea and beyond have yielded a treasure of ten thousands of amazing photos. It was obvious to use them for a stunning set of antarctic postcards. … Continue reading

Golfo Corcovado to Puerto Montt

Admittedly, the final leg of our voyage was not what we had been hoping for. We had pictured some beautiful sailing in subtropically calm waters and a nice final stop on the island of Chiloë. Instead, we got one last … Continue reading

Canal Moraledo & Isla Canal

As if a sunset on a calm fjord between many islands was not already a show of perfect beauty. How does it get even more beautiful? Dolphins. On Isla Canal, we invented the term „three-dimensional hiking“ because we were moving … Continue reading

Seno Aysén – 01 April 2018

Happy Easter! The anchor went down late night. Which was great, we had been sailing for quite some time since we had left our anchorage at the Isla Jungfrauen. And it was good to get to walk again on solid … Continue reading

Archipelago de los Chonos – 31 March 2018

Good to be in sheltered coastal waters again! The surf on the outer coast was very impressive, not a good place to run aground, as countless ships did trough the centuries. We had our bearings right and entered Bahía Anna … Continue reading

Peninsula de Taitao – 30 March 2018

After the sunny hikes on the Isla Jungfrauen, we had to wait out yet another day while the storm was raging out there on open sea. It was pouring rain for most of the day, so the on-board cinema was … Continue reading

Harberton – 07 February 2018

As much as we longed to get ashore after almost a week on the boat, the land did not want us today. We knew the sound of the wind good enough, so I did not even have to leave my … Continue reading

Tierra del Fuego – 05 February 2018

Land! What a pleasure, after 5 days at sea. Cape Horn is far off in the west – the wind was just not right to go any closer to it. For the moment, the wind has, at least, taken a … Continue reading

Drake-Passage – 04 Februar 2018

Anyone who might have thought that we had had our share of wind, water and waves had to realise that the Drake Passage still had some more in stock for us when the wind just kept getting stronger yesterday afternoon. … Continue reading

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