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Author Archives: Rolf Stange

The journey back home: Montevideo, Sao Paolo, Frankfurt … Dresden!

A bit of a miracle has happened: I am on the train from Frankfurt to Dresden. Yesterday it all seemed far away and somehow unrealistic, after all the back and forth of the days before. But suddenly things happened. Everybody … Continue reading

The journey back home: Montevideo – 25th March 2020

So far, so good: we are alongside in Montevideo. If everything works according to plan from here on, then this should have been the last beautiful sunset at sea for most of us, with the skyline of Montevideo in the … Continue reading

The journey back home: South Atlantic – 20th-24th March 2020

The passage north from the Beagle Channel to the River Plate, with Buenos Aires (who knows, who knows) and Montevideo (our current hope) are situated, turns out to be mostly rather pleasant. We could now mostly relax a bit – … Continue reading

The journey back home: Buenos Aires (or not …) – 20th March 2020

So there was nothing else we could have achieved in Ushuaia, they would just not allow us to leave the ship. But we were ready for all kinds of scenarios, including a full month at sea – this voyage, or … Continue reading

Ushuaia and beyond: the journey back home begins – 19th March 2020

Normally today would have been the day to say goodbye. Our passengers would have left the ship, new ones would come in the afternoon and so on and so forth. But not today. Not in this world which now seems … Continue reading

Ross Sea – Ushuaia, 3rd-18th March 2020

This voyage had started so well, but now our luck was running out. After a stormy day east of Ross Island, the southern Ross Sea started to freeze over large areas. Beautiful to see, but the endless miles of dense, … Continue reading

Cape Evans – 2nd March 2020

The weather forecast indicated an opportunity, so we were ready to go at Cape Evans in the early morning. It was still quite windy and that in combination with an air temperature of about -12°C made it pretty chillly But … Continue reading

McMurdo Sound – 01st March 2020

Also today there is quite a bit of wind blowing in the area, no chance to make a landing. Antarctica is not always a piece of cake, and certainly not the Ross Sea. But later, the sun comes out. It … Continue reading

Taylor Valley – 29th February 2020

The day began just like the previous one had ended: windy and grey. Very windy indeed, and very grey. But it was quite a bit better on the west side of the McMurdo Sound. The sun was coming out, and … Continue reading

McMurdo Sound – 28th February, 2020

We have reached the core area of our voyage, McMurdo Sound, the heart of the Ross Sea. But, alas, the timing appears to be bad. A strong low pressure moves over the Ross Sea area and the coastal zone of … Continue reading

Moving down the Ross Sea – 28th February, 2020

The weather in the Terra Nova Bay area is not exactly great today. No chance to make a landing on Inexpressible Island, where Scott’s northern party spend a miserable winter in 1912 and where China is currently preparing for building … Continue reading

Moving down the Ross Sea – 27th February, 2020

There is currently not much ice in the Ross Sea, but there is a belt of dense drift ice in the area of Cape Hallet.   We are steaming south, towards the McMurdo Sound.  

Cape Adare – Robertson Bay – 25rd February, 2020

We were ready to go ashore at Cape Adare in the early morning, but the surf was going high on the beach which was, to make things even more difficult, larely blocked with ice. So we continued into Robertson Bay … Continue reading

At Sea – 24rd February, 2020

We have a day at sea between the Balleny Islands and Cape Adare. The day starts with snow on deck, and the visibility is often reduced by snow showers. A very antarctic day. The wind picks up during the afternoon, … Continue reading

Balleny Islands – 23rd February, 2020

The Balleny Islands are a small, wild, very remote archipelago directly on the south polar circle, to the northwest of the Ross Sea. You have to be lucky to get close to them. We were lucky. Not from the beginning … Continue reading

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