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Wind: an important factor for glacier melting in Antarctica

Wind may be the great and so-far strongly underestimated factor when it comes to melting of large masses of glacier ice in Antarctica. Changing wind patterns are now receiving more attention from scientists. Researchers have so far mostly focusses on … Continue reading

Slow recovery of whale population after industrial whaling

When you are talking about the “slow recovery of whale population after industrial whaling”, then the emphasise is on “slow” rather than on “recovery”, depending on the species. All large baleen whale species where hunted intensively with industrially brutal methods … Continue reading

Antarctica and Patagonia under sails, 2018: last tickets

Both trips in early 2018 with SY Anne-Margaretha to Antarctica and, respectively, Patagonia are mostly fully booked, but there are some last opportunities. There is one female seat in a twin cabin on the journey to Antarctica and one twin … Continue reading

New virtual tour: Vernadsky Base

Many antarctic visitors have enjoyed the hospitality of the Ukrainian Vernadsky Base. Now you can visit Vernadsky without actually traveling to Antarctica: there is now a new, complete panorama tour of the base on this website, from selected scientific working … Continue reading

Antarctic Peninsula – March 21-25, 2017

A great trip to round the season off, with a lot of activities all the way down south to the polar circle. We had groups on board specializing in kayaking and diving, and their stories and photos were very impressive … Continue reading

South Shetland Islands – March 20, 2017

After a rather calm crossing of the Drake-Passage, our first exposure to Antarctica was to happen in the South Shetland Islands. And quite likely our only chance to see Chinstrap penguins. And a good opportunity to get an impression of … Continue reading

South Shetland Islands to Ushuaia – March 15-18, 2017

Even 32 days in Antarctica will finally come to an end. The South Shetland Islands are the last stop of our Antarctic Odyssey, before we set course northwards, to more civilized latitudes. We do not have too much time left, … Continue reading

Errera Channel – March 13, 2017

It is nice, for the difference, not to cover a large distance from one day to the next one. To wake up where we fell asleep. To calm down a bit, geographically, in a way. We are in the Errera … Continue reading

Andvord Bay – March 12, 2017

Seeing Antarctica from a bird’s perspective is a dream that we wanted to realize today. That was easier said than done. We had to abort the first attempt in the rather early morning and we spent good part of the … Continue reading

Argentine Islands – March 11, 2017

The Antarctic Peninsula! We had finally reached it, and I think that everybody here will agree when I say that we were really looking forward to seeing and stepping on land again. The Argentine Islands were the perfect first stop … Continue reading

Peter I Island – March 7, 2017

We had been waiting for this day with great curiousity, when the famous island of Peter I would rise above the horizon. Well, the first thing that was to be seen today was not the horizon, not to mention any … Continue reading

The great crossing – March 4, 2017

Eleven days. Imagine eleven days. That is the time that went without us going on shore anywhere. And that was nothing unusual! We had visited McMurdo Base on February 28 and reached the Argentine Islands, just off the Antarctic Peninsula, … Continue reading

Ice – March 2nd, 2017

It was, by the way, not a spelling mistake that February 28 came twice in this blog. The date line. We have now left McMurdo Sound and the Ross Ice Shelf behind us and we have begun the long, long … Continue reading

Ross Ice Shelf – February 28th, 2017

We went around Ross Island during the night to arrive early morning at Cape Crozier, where Ross Island and the Ross Ice Shelf meet. These steep volcanic slopes are the place where Apsley Cherry-Garrards famous „Worst journey in the world“ … Continue reading

McMurdo Base – February 28th, 2017

It is such a thing with antarctic stations. They are interesting, they provide the world with significant knowledge. They are political, a display of power within the Antarctic Treaty System, always the flagg up in the wind. They are curious, … Continue reading

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