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Author Archives: Andrea Sievers

Isla Jungfrauen – 28/29 March 2018

We have got the Golfo de Penas ahead of us and thus an open sea passage which will take about one and a half days without the protection of the coastal waters that we have enjoyed so far. It is … Continue reading

Puerto Edén – 27 March 2018

Suddenly the weather is on our side again and Caleta Colibri lets us go. The advantage of the quick weather changes is that the weather changes quickly. After a night and many miles we reach Puerto Edén, which really looks … Continue reading

Caleta Colibri – 25 March 2018

Caleta Colibri is not a place for long hikes. The forest is so dense that it is simply impossible to get anywhere. I have tried it. It does not work. But there are several interesting places. In one place, people … Continue reading

Canal Tres Corres – 25 March 2018

After a real Sunday morning breakfast (scrambled eggs and fresh rolls!) it was time to move northwards again. Wind and rain in Canal Pitt, stunning light later, sun and blue sky alternating with some light clouds. The wind is supposed … Continue reading

Caleta Villarica – 24 March 2018

After a long day out and a forecast with a lot of wind for the night, what we needed was a good Caleta to provide a sheltered anchorage for a night. Caleta Villarica can be recommended for that purpose. It … Continue reading

Amalia Glacier – 24 March 2018

Puerto Bueno lived up to its name and gave us a beautiful and calm night. Very pleasant. Which was followed by a stunning sunrise and a new weather forecast, which gave us some more time before the next period of … Continue reading

Canal Sarmiento – 23 March 2018

The wind should have calmed down over night, and so it did indeed. Not that it was really comfy, standing outside and steering the ship. Still 30 knots of wind on the nose of ship and helmsman, plus a bit … Continue reading

Peninsula Zach – 22 March 2018

After several hours sailing northwards in Canal Smyth, the wind picked up beyond 50 knots, straight on the nose, of course. After criss-crossing a few miles and gaining nothing but chaos on the galley, we gave up and went rather … Continue reading

Isla Hose – 21 March 2018

Calm night, well sheltered? Forget about it … that works well as long as the anchor is holding, but once the wind starts blowing strongly from the wrong direction and the anchor is dragging, you suddenly find yourself at ungodly … Continue reading

Caleta Profundo – Isla Hose: 20 March 2018

Magellan discovered the strait that he got named after him in 1520 during the famous voyage that was to become the very first circumnavigation of the globe. A great advantage for us: we know that the Strait of Magellan exists … Continue reading

Puerto King – 18 March 2018

We reached Puerto King yesterday after many wet an windy miles. The name seemed to suggest a harbour of royal qualities, at least a fishing village, maybe with a cosy pub at the harbour … but no, it is much … Continue reading

Canal Ballenero to Caleta Macias – 16 March 2018

Canal Ballenero, Whalers’ Strait, was just one of many channels that we are passing these days. Canal O’Brien, Bahia Desolada … you name it. Unknown places, names that sound like adventure. We have to make some miles now. We have … Continue reading

Caleta Beaulieu – 15 March 2018

It had cleared up a bit during the night, so it was nice and calm in the morning. Perfect reflections of the scenery around us on the water were the first thing we saw in the morning. The clouds had … Continue reading

Brazo Noroeste – 14 March 2018

After the sunny, calm day yesterday, today’s weather was a bit closer again to Patagonian reality: wind and rain, a lot of both. An hour was long enough to stretch legs in the morning. Beach, woodland, wetland, hill, wind-beaten trees, … Continue reading

Beagle Channel – 13 March 2018

This is not the first time that „Beagle Channel“ is the headline of an entry of this blog. So far it meant travelling from Ushuaia to the Drake-Passage (or back). This time, not so. How many times did I see … Continue reading

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