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Patagonia SY Anne-Margaretha 2018 triplog

As with the sai­ling expe­di­ti­on to Ant­ar­c­ti­ca a cou­ple of weeks ear­lier, sai­ling Pata­go­nia had been a dream for a long time. When Heinz (the skipper/owner of SY Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha) asked if we were inte­res­ted in a Pata­go­nia voya­ge next to the one to Ant­ar­c­ti­ca which was the one whe­re the who­le thing star­ted, it did not take much time to make a decis­i­on. Of cour­se I wan­ted to go! Just loo­king on the map fuel­led the desi­re to explo­re this end­less net­work of gla­ci­al­ly sculp­tu­red land­scapes. This laby­rinth has a bit of a “Man­del­brot set” image, whe­re you can zoom in and with every step you go deeper into the image, new struc­tures show up, new chan­nels, bays and islands, all of them hiding their secrets which you just want to explo­re …

That would cer­tain­ly take a life­time and pro­ba­b­ly still wouldn’t be enough, but with 25 days on board we were well posi­tio­ned in terms of time. With 1629 nau­ti­cal miles (3017 kilo­me­ters) at sea we had a lot of water ahead of us. But we loo­ked into many bays, crossed ple­nty of water­ways, from unknown straits to famous pas­sa­ges like the Bea­gle Chan­nel and the wes­tern part of the Strait of Magel­lan, and explo­red a lot of islands! Hard­ly anyo­ne will have heard of most of them. That was pret­ty much the same for us befo­re, but that made it all the more exci­ting!

The links below lead to pages with many pho­tos and short texts giving impres­si­ons of the sec­tions of the jour­ney. And of cour­se the­re is the Tra­vel­log (click here, 20,6 MB).

Album – Pata­go­ni­en SY Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha 2018

  • Süd Sand­wich Inseln

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