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Patagonia SY Anne-Margaretha 2018 triplog

As with the sailing expedition to Antarctica a couple of weeks earlier, sailing Patagonia had been a dream for a long time. When Heinz (the skipper/owner of SY Anne-Margaretha) asked if we were interested in a Patagonia voyage next to the one to Antarctica which was the one where the whole thing started, it did not take much time to make a decision. Of course I wanted to go! Just looking on the map fuelled the desire to explore this endless network of glacially sculptured landscapes. This labyrinth has a bit of a “Mandelbrot set” image, where you can zoom in and with every step you go deeper into the image, new structures show up, new channels, bays and islands, all of them hiding their secrets which you just want to explore …

That would certainly take a lifetime and probably still wouldn’t be enough, but with 25 days on board we were well positioned in terms of time. With 1629 nautical miles (3017 kilometers) at sea we had a lot of water ahead of us. But we looked into many bays, crossed plenty of waterways, from unknown straits to famous passages like the Beagle Channel and the western part of the Strait of Magellan, and explored a lot of islands! Hardly anyone will have heard of most of them. That was pretty much the same for us before, but that made it all the more exciting!

The links below lead to pages with many photos and short texts giving impressions of the sections of the journey. And of course there is the Travellog (click here, 20,6 MB).

Album – Patagonien SY Anne-Margaretha 2018

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