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Belorussia plans Antarctic station

Belorussia wants to add yet another one to the already impressive number of stations in the “untouched” wilderness of Antarctica. Work is planned to commence in 2015, and in 2017, the new station is scheduled to be largely operative. An agreement about a scientific and logistical cooperation was signed in St. Petersburg in the presence of the presidents Putin and Lukaschenko.

The new station will be situated at Mount Vechernyaya in Thala (Tala) Hills, in Enderby Land, East Antarctica.

A permanent presence in Antarctica is necessary for a country to enjoy full member rights in the Antarctic Treaty system.

Russian station Bellingshausen in “untouched” antarctic nature. Belorussia is now planning yet another station.

Russian station Bellingshausen

Source: Belarusian News


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