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About Rolf Stange and this website

Born in 1973 in West Ger­ma­ny, I star­ted tra­vel­ling to the north in 1993 and have never stop­ped it sin­ce. I stu­di­ed geo­gra­phy and geo­lo­gy first in Müns­ter, later in Bonn and finis­hed in 2002 with a »Diplom«. Now I am living in Dres­den (Ger­ma­ny) and Lon­gye­ar­by­en (Spits­ber­gen).

Rolf Stan­ge (2010)

Rolf Stange

I am in Spits­ber­gen at least once per year sin­ce 1997. For 3 long arc­tic sum­mers, I had the chan­ce of ‘explo­ring’ the island both with groups, with fri­ends and on my own, thus hiking seve­ral thousand kilo­me­ters over tun­dra, rocks and gla­cier ice – and I don’t reg­ret a sin­gle meter! In late win­ter 1999, I work­ed at Isfjord Radio/Kapp Lin­né at the west coast of Spits­ber­gen. The­re I saw the the beau­tiful arc­tic win­ter for the first time, ano­ther expe­ri­ence that quick­ly got me on the hook and a good reason to spend more time in Spits­ber­gen every years than “only” the sum­mer sai­ling sea­son.

Tog­e­ther with Peter Bal­win and a visi­tor on board Gri­go­riy Mik­heev

Rolf Stange and a Wandering Albatross

During the Arc­tic sum­mer 2000 I work­ed for the first time on board the ice-streng­the­ned ves­sels of Rus­si­an ori­gin back than ope­ra­ted by Ocean­wi­de Expe­di­ti­ons. I enjoy­ed this way of tra­vel­ling from the very first day … sin­ce then, I am regu­lar­ly tra­vel­ling Spits­ber­gen, East Green­land and Ant­ar­c­ti­ca, working as a gui­de and lec­tu­rer or as expe­di­ti­on lea­der on expe­di­ti­on style crui­ses, more and more focus­sing on sai­ling ves­sels.

While being at home in Lon­gye­ar­by­en and Dres­den, I am wri­ting books on the­se sub­jects. I have published Rocks and Ice, a book on the geo­gra­phy and geo­lo­gy of Sval­bard and East Green­land, as well as a book about a ski expe­di­ti­on in East Green­land.

I am put­ting more and more time into publi­shing books, calen­dars etc. and into orga­ni­zing polar voy­a­ges … and pho­to­gra­phy is of gre­at importance to me, I enjoy it and I use the results to illus­tra­te my books and this web­site. More about my pho­to­gra­phy here.

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