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Antarctic info

Antarctica left a restless longing in my heart beckoning towards an
incomprehensible perfection forever beyond the reach of mortal man.
Its overwhelming beauty touches one so deeply that it is like a wound.

Edwin Mickleburgh, Beyond the Frozen Sea
Evening light, South Shetland Islands

Evening light in the South Shetland Islands.

The following little introduction to Antarctica is exactly that – a little introduction – to offer an idea of most subjects of interest. Of course, Antarctica is nothing less than a continent, not to mention all the islands surrounding it, but it is obviously much less varied than, say, Europe, which is so much more complex regarding all the history and culture and different landscapes and climate zones that you will find between Norway’s North Cape and Silicy. Antarctica is much more homogeneous between the Ross Sea and the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula, and largely inaccessible anyway. The benefit is that this makes it possible to squeeze an introduction into a few pages, digitally as or – on a later occasion – in print, then much more comprehensive.

These pages are currently (spring 2014) under preparation and sites will be added over a couple of months.

  • Antarctica travel information: ship, itineraries, when to travel. Some thoughts about planning a voyage.
  • History. You should at least have heard of these chapters of antarctic history for a successful conversation with your fellow antarctic travellers or even your ship historian.
  • Areas. You are likely to see some of these places on a trip to Antarctica:
    1. Ushuaia and the Beagle Channel
    2. Cape Horn and the Drake Passage
    3. The Falkland Islands
    4. South Georgia
    5. The South Sandwich Islands
    6. The South Orkney Islands
    7. The South Shetland Islands
    8. The Weddell Sea
    9. The west coast of the Antarctic Peninsula
    10. Peter I Island
    11. The Ross Sea
    12. Macquarie Island
  • Flora. A rather short page…
  • Fauna. From albatrosses and penguins to whales and seals.
  • Antarctic environmental problems and what you can do about them. There’s more to it than climate change!
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