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McMurdo Sound


McMurdo Sound is situated in the southwestern Ross Sea, between Ross Island with Mount Erebus in the east, the Ross Ice Shelf in the south and the Transantarctic Mountains with the Dry Valleys in the west. A place of antarctic dreams: there is a lot there that you may intuitively picture in your mind when you think »Antarctica«.

Panoramas McMurdo Sound

  1. McMurdo Sound – Fast ice edge
  2. McMurdo Base
  3. Hut Point
  4. Observation Hill
  5. Cape Evans
  6. Cape Royds (Pano-Tour)
  7. McMurdo Dry Valleys – Taylor Valley

Other panoramas from the Ross Sea

  1. Beaufort Island
  2. Coulman Island / Daniell Peninsula
  3. Cape Adare
  4. Franklin Island
  5. Gondwana Base (German Research Station)
  6. Mario Zucchelli Base (Italian Research Station)


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