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Please do not only send chocolate (look here), but let me and others know what you think about my books, my website or basically anything with regard to the arctic. You are welcome to make an entry in my guestbook!
Small print: Your entry will be visible after we have had a look at it. Your opinion can of course differ from mine, but I want to make sure we don’t get disrespectful entries or unacceptable language on these pages.

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Siegfried Böhl wrote on 8. February 2017 at 17:40:
Hallo Rolf Stange,

Vor Jahren haben meine Frau und ich mit Ihnen eine Spitzbergen-Rundfahrt gemacht. Es war auf einem ehemaligen russischen Forschungsschiff. Leider war eine Umrundung damals wegen Packeis nicht möglich. Jetzt würden wir gern noch einmal so eine Reise, oder ähnliche unternehmen. Am liebsten mit Ihnen.
sind Sie 2017 oder 2018 in der Arktis? Wenn ja, schreiben Sie uns bitte, so dass wir entsprechend buchen können.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Karin+Siegfried Böhl
Admin Reply by: Webmaster
Hallo Karin und Siegfried,

Rolfs Arktis-Reisen werden hier jeweils angekündigt:

Experencia Austral wrote on 5. May 2015 at 18:10:
Good blog! Thanks
You can sail to a little Antarctica (Tierra del Fuego - Chilean Fjord) by sailboat.
It's also beatifull!
Petra de Mol-Coenen wrote on 18. February 2015 at 15:14:
Thanks Rolf for the excellent work you did during our voyage to the Antarctic with the Ortelius in 2015. Besides your lectures (loved the "piece of cake") and help to get my camera really back to work again, you managed to write this fantastic blog! It was a real pleasure, I enjoyed every sentence of it. Great job, thank you!
elizabeth wrote on 30. January 2015 at 0:52:
Love the the fact that Ortelius is now seeing the countrytside. But where is the smoke on Erebus 🙂
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