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Patagonia part 1: Ushuaia-Puerto Williams-Canal Magdalena

It was with high spi­rits and gre­at eager­ness that we went on board SY Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha in Ushua­ia. Of cour­se, sailors and explo­rers of pre­vious cen­tu­ries used to stay away from home for mon­ths and years, hea­ding into the com­ple­te­ly unknown and facing a return that was uncer­tain at best. That was obvious­ly all dif­fe­rent for us, but today, 25 days are almost a litt­le Odys­sey 🙂

After lea­ving the for­mer mis­si­on and pri­son sett­le­ment of Ushua­ia and hence Argen­ti­na behind, Puer­to Wil­liams was to be our first desti­na­ti­on. That meant a cou­p­le of miles sai­ling the “wrong direc­tion”, if some­thing such exists on a voya­ge which was all about explo­ring and not about get­ting some­whe­re (other than to Puer­to Montt in the end). We had to go through for­mal pro­ce­du­res of ent­e­ring Chi­le with a boat and all of us. That brought the col­la­te­ral advan­ta­ge that we got to see Puer­to Wil­liams, some­thing I had real­ly been loo­king for­ward to after sai­ling past it many dozen times!

The Bea­gle Chan­nel gave us a very plea­sant day then on the way to the west. A Hump­back wha­le waved us good­bye clo­se to Ushua­ia, a lovely fare­well as we were about to move into “unknown” waters from the­re on. We enjoy­ed an incredi­ble night sky the first evening, mis­sed the oppor­tu­ni­ty from a pho­to­gra­phic per­spec­ti­ve, howe­ver, as some clouds had most­ly cove­r­ed the sky when we were rea­dy with the tri­pods on solid ground – it did not mat­ter, in the end it was all about the expe­ri­ence, and that was just beau­ti­ful!

The next celesti­al (in a wider sen­se!) expe­ri­ence that was to fol­low ashore next morning was that of a lot of water fal­ling from the sky. But we were the more lucky with the wea­ther later in Cale­ta Beau­lieu, a stun­ning place with this gre­at gla­cier and defi­ni­te­ly one of the sce­nic high­lights of the who­le trip! This com­bi­na­ti­on of trees and gla­ciers is pret­ty bizar­re for an old polar fox like me.

Canal Breck­nock (may­be mis­s­pelt for “bre­akneck”? 🙂 ) was the first bot­t­len­eck kind of pas­sa­ge regar­ding wea­ther and sea. The Paci­fic Oce­an, which is not very paci­fic at all in the­se lati­tu­des, is just a few small islands and rocks away. We made it well though the­se waters and hea­ded nor­the­ast again, for the Strait of Magel­lan. Then, it was gre­at to get to the well-shel­te­red natu­ral har­bour of Puer­to King, whe­re we could liter­al­ly park in the forest!

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

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