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Antarctic Panoramas

During the Ross Sea trip in January-February 2013, I started to explore the possibilities of panorama photography, using a full-frame DSLR, a panorama head and a fish-eye lense. HDR techniques were often used, especially inside the historical huts, to control the extreme variation in brightness, from the dark shadows to brighter areas. The results are accessible through the links and interactive maps this page. I feel privileged that I have been able to photograph such amazing and remote places this way – please enjoy the results! They are not all technically completely perfect, but I think that they nevertheless provide an enjoyable visual journey to some places which are sacred grounds for many polar enthusiasts.

Antarctic Panoramas - 360°-Panoramas

Using the map below you will find navigable 360° antarctic panoramas – on desktop systems also in full screen mode (right button with arrows pointing outwards in the pano)

Travel Antarctic online – Click on the maps below to the marker and have a good look around – directly from the sofa, without getting cold or seasick and it does not cost a penny.

For more technical information on how to display panoramas, please see the the pano hint below

Antarctic Panoramas

  1. National Park Tierra del Fuego, not far from Ushuaia
  2. Falklands
    1. Carcass Island
    2. Westpoint Island
  3. South Georgia
    1. Grytviken impressive pano tour
    2. St. Andrews Bay
    3. Gold Harbour
  4. South Sandwich Islands
  5. South Orkney Islands FOLLOWS LATER
  6. South Shetland Islands
    1. Deception Island
    2. Base Decepción
    3. Pendulum Cove
    4. Whalers Bay
    5. Penguin Island
    6. Half Moon Island
    7. Yankee Harbour
  7. Antarctic Peninsula
    1. Pleneau Island
    2. Neko Harbour
    3. Paradise Bay
    4. Port Lockroy panoramic tour
    5. Detaille Island
    6. Vernadsky Station panoramic tour
    7. Wordie House panoramic tour
    8. Enterprise Island
    9. Melchior Islands
    10. Petermann Island
    11. Waterboat Point
  8. Peter I Island
  9. Ross Sea, McMurdo Sound:
    1. McMurdo Sound – Fast ice edge
    2. McMurdo Base
    3. Hut Point
    4. Observation Hill
    5. Cape Evans panoramic tour
    6. Cape Royds panoramic tour
    7. McMurdo Dry Valleys – Taylor Valley
    8. Beaufort Island
    9. Coulman Island / Daniell Peninsula
    10. Cape Adare panoramic tour
    11. Franklin Island
    12. Gondwana Base (German Research Station)
    13. Mario Zucchelli Base (Italian Research Station)
  10. Campbell Island

Location Maps

Click the marker to get to the corresponding panoramas. For non-clickable items, there are no panoramas at the moment.




Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, Detaille Island


Ross Sea


McMurdo Sound


South Georgia

How to display panoramas 

On this page, you will find navigable 360 degree panorama shots. Click the play-button to load the panorama. You can then navigate with your mouse or the buttons at the bottom end of each panorama. If you have a touch screen, then you can also easily scroll through the panorama with your fingertips. Desktop-computers will use Flash (if installed) and mobile devices HTML5 to screen the panoramas. HTML5 does not show the navigation buttons at the lower rim of each panorama. Flash-users can also view the panorama in full screen mode. To do so, click the button on the far right end, with the four arrows pointing at the corners. To see the navigation buttons, you have to load the panorama first and you have to have a recent Flashplayer installed. This will be the case for most up-to-date desktop and laptop computers. Mobile devices do normally not support Flash.


The larger one of the two helicopters during the Ross Sea trip on board MV Ortelius in early 2013. Without these two helos (and their great pilots and mechanics!), we would have missed a lot on this trip. Some important places are foreseeably not accessible without helicopters, as they are mostly deep in ice, such as McMurdo Base (including Hut Point and Observation Hill). Others are principally inaccessible without these flying machines, no matter how good the conditions are. For example magical Taylor Valley (Dry Valleys).


Neumayer Channel Wordie House Vernadsky Station Vernadsky Station Detaille Insel Penguin Island Deception Island Port Lockroy Paradise Bay Neko Harbour Pleneau Island Panoramas: Peter I Island Panoramas: Antarctic Peninsula Panoramas: South Shetland Inseln Panoramas: Falkland Islands South Sandwich Islands Panoramas: South Georgia Detaille Insel Nationalpark Tierra del Fuego Panoramas: Ross Sea McMurdo Sound Observation Hill Hut Point McMurdo Base Beaufort Island McMurdo Dry Valleys - Taylor Valley Cape Evans Cape Royds Kap Adare Coulman Island / Daniell Peninsula McMurdo Sound Gold Harbour St. Andrews Bay Grytviken
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