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MV Ortelius

360 degree pan­ora­mas of the MV Ort­eli­us

The bar of Ort­eli­us.

The Bridge.

The Deck 4.

The restau­rant.

The Sau­na.

The Slee­per.


On cer­tain voy­a­ges (Ross Sea, Emper­or penguins/Weddell Sea), MV Ort­eli­us is equip­ped with two heli­c­op­ters to reach places other­wi­se inac­ces­si­ble.

The lar­ger one of the two heli­c­op­ters during the Ross Sea trip on board MV Ort­eli­us in ear­ly 2013. Wit­hout the­se two helos (and their gre­at pilots and mecha­nics!), we would have missed a lot on this trip. Some important places are fore­see­ab­ly not acces­si­ble wit­hout heli­c­op­ters, as they are most­ly deep in ice, such as McMur­do Base (inclu­ding Hut Point and Obser­va­ti­on Hill). Others are prin­ci­pal­ly inac­ces­si­ble wit­hout the­se fly­ing machi­nes, no mat­ter how good the con­di­ti­ons are. For exam­p­le magi­cal Tay­lor Val­ley (Dry Val­leys).


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