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This compilation of Antarctic webcams shows what it looks like in different parts of the Antarctic right now. It includes a map that shows the location of the camera. The copyright of the webcam-images remains with the respective owner or operator.

Grytviken, South Georgia 1

This webcam is situated in Larsen House at King Edward Point (KEP), the administrative centre of South Georgia. The view is south east across Cumberland Bay East to Greene Peninsula and the mountains beyond. Dartmouth Point is in the middle ground and Susa Point in the foreground. The steps on the right lead into Larsen House. Tussac grass is growing immediately in front of the steps. From October to March elephant seals, penguins and fur seals will be on the beach in front of the web cam.

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Grytviken, South Georgia 2

Webcam 2 is an outdoor webcam installed on a weather mast at KEP. Usually it looks across the Cove to Grytviken, but can swing around to look down KEP beach towards Hope Point.

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