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Panoramas: Hut Point - Antarctica


The hut at Hut Point, Ross Island, was built during Scott’s Discovery expedition (1901-04). This first attempt by Robert F. Scott to reach the South Pole was of little success: The pole party, which included also Ernest Shackleton, did not get beyond the Ross Ice Shelf. Scott made important experience with various means of transportation, including ponies, but did not draw the necessary conclusions and consequences when he returned later for his last expedition with Terra Nova. The hut was used on several later occasions, including Shackleton’s Nimrod-expedition and Scott’s Terra Nova expedition. Today, the historical atmosphere of Scott’s hut at Hut Point suffers from its neighbourhood, the US-American base McMurdo.

Older panoramas from 2013

The hut at Hut Point – 1/2

The hut at Hut Point – 2/2


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