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Gold Harbour


Gold Harbour could be called South Georgia in a nutshale and is a favourite of many expedition guides. As almost always in South Georgia, the wildlife is overwhelming. The King penguin colony may not be as large as in Salisbury Plain or even St. Andrews Bay, but it is certainly large enough to impress and in the end it is the individual animal that has the beauty, regardless of the numbers of its relatives around, isn’t it? And of course you have got the Elefant seals – usually plenty of them – Fur seals and more out of the species list of the island. And all this in front of a grand scenic backdrop: steep cliffs capped by glaciers, from which frequent ice avalanches thunder down. Into the 1970s, Bertrag glacier did reach sea level.

In Gold Harbour, chances to get ashore are certainly better than in St. Andrews Bay, but of course any easterly wind or swell can make life quickly rather difficult. Same with strong westerly winds. Quite a few cameras were already drowned in the surf on the beach of Gold Harbour, and their owners regretted not having followed the advice to pack them safely for the landing …


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