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Ross Ice Shelf – February 28th, 2017

We went around Ross Island during the night to arrive early morning at Cape Crozier, where Ross Island and the Ross Ice Shelf meet. These steep volcanic slopes are the place where Apsley Cherry-Garrards famous „Worst journey in the world“ took place, that adventurous and dramatic search for Emperor penguin eggs that were then ignored by scientists for a whole century.

The ice shelf begins at the very same place just ahead of us to disappear behind the horizon to the east. You could follow it for quite some time to always see the same picture, with „the great barrier“ getting lost in infinity. A very impressive image! But hard to photograph.

Gallery – Ross Ice Shelf – February 28th, 2017

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And even harder to get near to. Our plan to land by helicopter on the ice shelf or at least to make a flight along the ice cliff does not materialize. We are faced with 35 knot (force 8) wind, which is far too much. Icy cold it is indeed outside, combined with an air temperature of -10°C!

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