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Peter I Island – March 7, 2017

We had been waiting for this day with great curiousity, when the famous island of Peter I would rise above the horizon. Well, the first thing that was to be seen today was not the horizon, not to mention any island, but low clouds and snow. Any hope to make a landing today on Peter I Island was reduced by strong wind and poor visibility. But as always, hope the best and be prepared for the worst!

Then we saw it, it took a while, but then we saw the island through the clouds. A rather hostile impression, these inhospitable, steep cliffs of rocks and ice. Strong winds gusting up to force 8 and 9 were the welcome that the island had for us. Combined with mostly poor visibility, it was clear that we would not be able to make any kind of landing or flight here. Well, that is life in the wild Southern Ocean, deep in the screaming sixties.

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The mountaineous island actually created a hole in the clouds on its leeward side, so the sun – a sight that we had been missing for some time! – was shining on the ice cap, where it was reflected like on a mirror. We even found a calm spot in the shelter of the island and quickly the zodiacs were ordered to be made ready.A landing was not an option on this steep coast on the southeastern side of the island, but a closer look would be great, wouldn’t it? But alas, as soon as the zodiacs were on the water and everybody ready on deck, snowy gusts and white caps came from both sides, so we made sure we got back on board again quickly … not today, that was the clear message, and not tomorrow either, that was the clear message of the weather forecast.

So we went and set course for the Antarctic Peninsula.

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