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South Shetland Islands to Ushuaia – March 15-18, 2017

Even 32 days in Antarctica will finally come to an end. The South Shetland Islands are the last stop of our Antarctic Odyssey, before we set course northwards, to more civilized latitudes. We do not have too much time left, but enough for an early morning landing. The weather is on our side, which is good for a visit to a small island on the edge of the Drake-Passage.

At least in comparison, it seems to be a tropical rain forest. Well, almost. There are some green patches, something we have not seen in a while. With the Chinstrap penguins, we can add yet another species to our species list, which is already quite impressive.

Then back to the open sea. A good two days across the Drake-Passage until we have reached southernmost South America. We pass Cape Hoorn in distance and darkness without taking too much notice of it, before we approach the Beagle-Channel in the company of dolphins. Then it is time to say goodbye to our good helicopter crew, pilots and mechanics, six of them in total, who take off in their birds and quickly disappear in the distance, not without a fine farewell to Ortelius.

Gallery – South Shetland Islands to Ushuaia – March 15-18, 2017

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And while we are at it, we keep saying goodbye to many good people the next day in the morning. The very last day of a voyage is never a highlight, and port days are always very busy. But on the other side … if it is hard to leave a trip and associated people behind, then I guess it must have been pretty good 🙂

Too few short hours later, we are on our way again. Hasta la vista, Antarktis!

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