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Antarctic Peninsula – March 21-25, 2017

A great trip to round the season off, with a lot of activities all the way down south to the polar circle. We had groups on board specializing in kayaking and diving, and their stories and photos were very impressive – yes, diving, that would be something, one day …
The weather was pretty much on our side, we had some very nice antarctic late summer days and no extreme weather. Yesterday we were sunbathing on deck in the Drake-Passage, can you believe it? Ok, we got blown out of Whalers Bay in Deception Island the other day, but that’s part of the game down here. We could not land on Detaille Island, the kombination of poor visibility, drifting ice near all possible landing sites and wind was just too much. But the Zodiac cruise around the island was good stuff!

Plenty of humpback whales, as one might wish for in the late season, and maybe not as many penguins as might have been some weeks earlier, but still quite a lot of them on shore, more than enough for heart and soul, eye and camera.

Gallery – Antarctic Peninsula – March 21-25, 2017

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Let the pictures do the talking. Antarctica, it was great – see you again next year!

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