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Yankee Harbour – 23 January 2018

A little bit tired from the anchor watch, but very happy with our Deception Island experience, we lifted the anchor and set course for Greenwich Island, further northeast in the South Shetlands. It was a beautiful passage, mostly under sails, a Humpback whale every now and then, and stunning views of the wild coast of Livingston Island.

Gallery – Yankee Harbour – 23 January 2018

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Yankee Harbour provides a splendid natural harbour for small boats. And plenty of space to move around on shore; more than we will have further south. So we were happy to get a chance to stretch our legs a bit. And as we had been hoping for, there was a little group of Elephant seals hauled out on the beach. And individual Weddell and Fur seals resting on the beach. Penguins – mostly Gentoos, with the occasional Chinstrap penguin – were walking around, straying from their breeding colony which was at the base of the long gravel peninsula where we had gone ashore. Our first Gentoo penguins! Of course we spent a lot of time observing and enjoying all the activitiy that was going on in their colonies. Several hours went by quickly, and finally a little bit of rain reminded us that it was time to return to our floating home.

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