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Enterprise Island – 26 January 2018

The idea was to spend a full day at Enterprise Island. Making a nice excursion and finding some antarctic quietness and solitude. Initially, it appeared to be quite grey outside, so we made a relaxed start in the morning, but then we went out with the dingies. Wilhelminay Bay was flat as at table cloth, the clouds became thinner and thinner and the sun was warming us noticeably. So we spent quite a while drifting near a big iceberg and enjoying life in the Antarctic.

After a while, we spotted three Humpback whales a bit further north. Actually, it was a good bit, but we gave it a try anyway. After a while, we got close to them and as it turned out they were now in deep sleep mode, just hanging under the surface, occasionally surfacing to take a good, noisy breath. Again, we spent a long time drifting quietly, enjoying the presence of these three great creatures, until we said goodbye to them. A little piece of polar heaven.

Gallery – Enterprise Island – 26 January 2018

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Shortly before we reached our good home again, the Anne-Margaretha, we passed by a little island and we just decided to go for little landing. It was always nice to touch solid, antarctic ground, and now, given the nice, warm weather and the stunning surroundings, we just couldn’t resist. The mighty snow cliffs and ice walls of Enterprise Island were pretty close and provided a stunning bit of scenery for an extended rest.

Up on the rocky hill, a couple of Kelp gulls and their chicks kept screaming at us, so we stayed near the shore and enjoyed the antarctic silence for a long time.

As it turned out, our little excursion of two hours had become quite a trip of a solid 4 hours duration, so we enjoyed relaxing the later afternoon on board. Marvelling at the views around us, photographing the Antarctic terns on the wreck of the old whaling ship next to us, sorting all the photos we had taken.

In the evening, Rolf, Franz, Mareike and Samuel went out again with the dingy to see if there were any whales nearby. This was not the case, so we could happily finish the day on board.

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