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Paradise Harbour – Port Lockroy – 28 January 2018

Sailing into Paradise Harbour is a slightly monochrome dream of land and sea, mountains and glaciers, icebergs and islands. Everywhere seals on the ice. Some whales here and there. The whalers gave Paradise Harbour its name for a good reason.

The Argentine station Almirante Brown was built in 1951 but only sporadically used after a fire in 1984. There is now a team there and the plan is to renovate it completely for potential year-round use in the future. Well, we’ll see. What is more important to us now is that we get an invitation for an spontaneous visit, something that is going hard over my very rudimentary knowledge of Spanish language. But we make it work and it is fun. The highlight is, of course, the panoramic view from the hill behind the station and the famous slide down afterwards.

Gallery – Paradise Harbour – Port Lockroy – 28 January 2018

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Our prospected anchorage just around the corner is already occupied, and there is really just space for one boat there. So we set course for Port Lockroy, which takes a good couple of hours. It becomes quite windy as we start crossing the Gerlache Strait. We turn into Peltier Channel, which is avoided by larger ships as it has some shallows. A spectacular passage! And icy cold in the wind. Some brave souls spend the whole passage of Peltier Channel outside on deck.

There is a strong breeze at Port Lockroy and lots of bits and pieces of glacier ice are drifting around, but it is sheltered from waves and there is good holding ground for the anchor, and that’s all we need for tonight.

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