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Bra­zo Noroes­te – 14 March 2018

After the sun­ny, calm day yes­ter­day, today’s wea­ther was a bit clo­ser again to Pata­go­ni­an rea­li­ty: wind and rain, a lot of both. An hour was long enough to stretch legs in the mor­ning. Beach, wood­land, wet­land, hill, wind-bea­ten trees, view of Cale­ta.

Bra­zo Noroes­te means nor­thwes­tern arm, and that’s exact­ly what it is: the nor­thwes­tern arm of the Bea­gle Chan­nel, which is split­ting up into two bran­ches at this points. The moun­ta­ins to both sides of Bra­zo Noroes­te are roun­ded by migh­ty gla­cia­ti­ons of the past. Today’s inland ice of the Cor­dil­lera Dar­win, which is whe­re we are now, still sends some streams of ice down to the water. Views were limi­t­ed due to rain and low clouds, but still, gre­at sce­n­ery. The wea­ther is just nor­mal life in Pata­go­nia. Or, rather, Tier­ra del Fue­go. Pata­go­nia starts north of the Strait of Magel­lan.

We drop­ped anchor in the Cale­ta Beau­lieu in the later after­noon behind a pen­in­su­la with rocky hill, cover­ed with den­se wood­land which was giving us shel­ter from the wind. It was pou­ring rain, but that did not keep us from explo­ring the area a litt­le bit, so we made a hike up the moun­tain – and felt like India­na Jones at work. The forest was so den­se that it was dif­fi­cult to get through. Water ever­y­whe­re, from all direc­tions. Love­ly! You just have to drop the idea that natu­re is only beau­tiful under a blue sky. That is not the case. It is always beau­tiful.

Gal­lery – Bra­zo Noroes­te – 14 March 2018

Click on thumb­nail to open an enlar­ged ver­si­on of the spe­ci­fic pho­to.

This was pro­ven by stun­ning views over the fjord and gla­cier, even in the rain. Just gre­at!

Brazo Noroeste

Pou­ring rain, but still a stun­ning view over the fjord with Anne-Mar­ga­re­tha and gla­cier

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