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Caleta Villarica – 24 March 2018

After a long day out and a forecast with a lot of wind for the night, what we needed was a good Caleta to provide a sheltered anchorage for a night.

Caleta Villarica can be recommended for that purpose. It starts a bit like Deception Island: you approach a steep coast, a narrow entrance with rocks in the water, steep cliffs on both sides (a bit greener here than on Deception Island), everybody starts placing bets if the ship will actually fit through it – of course, it works, the skipper knows what he is doing. Then, a lovely bay opens, a real pirate hideaway. A lovely place to make a ship stormproof for the night.

Caleta Villarica

Will it fit? It will! Caleta Villarica

Walking in these forests is not for the faint-hearted. We could have used a chainsaw, ropes and a ladder for that little walk which in open terrain would have taken maybe 10 minutes. Indiana Jones would have been amazed by the density of this rain forest.

As always, the view was worth it!

Dense forest in the Caleta Villarica

Indiana Jones would have enjoyed this: Dense forest in the Caleta Villarica

The bay of Caleta Villarica

The amazing view over Caleta Villarica was worth the struggle through the bush

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