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Postcard set Antarctica: limited edition 2018

Many trips to Antarctica spanning a vast area from South Georgia to the Ross Sea and beyond have yielded a treasure of ten thousands of amazing photos. It was obvious to use them for a stunning set of antarctic postcards. Here it is!

The twelve photos present a wide spectrum of antarctic landscapes and wildlife from South Georgia to Campbell Island and from the Antarctic Peninsula to the Ross Sea. Albatrosses and Penguins (Emperor, Kings, Gentoos and Chinstraps) are in there just as some of Antarctica’s amazing scenery. And as a goody for antarctic gourmets, Scott’s hut at Cape Evans is also represented, with Mount Erebus towering above it.

This set of postcards is available in limited edition. Every set is numbered individually.


The new limited edition postcard set Antarctica with twelve stunning postcards.

Click here for more information about the new postcard set Antarctica.

And by the way – there is of course also a set of Spitsbergen postcards, also new, also limited edition.

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