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At sea

02nd-03rd February 2015 – We need one day to get through the pack ice north of Cape Adare, which turns out to be fairly unproblematic. Compare it to the 43 days that the Antarctic needed in 1895 to get through to Cape Adare, coming from the north … I know, it is not fair to compare the Antarctic in 1895 and the Ortelius 120 years later. Captain Kristensen had no ice chart, no steel hull and no 3200 kW in his engine room. But it is good to keep those 43 in mind to understand the environment we are in.


The weather Gods are in good mood. It is calm and sunny, a real cruise across the Southern Ocean, we are standing on deck, holding a cup of hot chocolate, camera hanging over the shoulder. Life isn’t too bad like this. See how long it will last.

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