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Albatross latitudes

04th-5th February 2015 – It was clear that the nice weather was not going to last forever. We still can’t complain. We have got southerly to southwesterly winds, so it does not slow us down too much. Time is key. But now we do feel that we are actually on a ship. Some are enthusiastic for the wild ocean and the big waves, others less so.


If you put on some warm clothes and spend some time outside – the aft deck on level 4 is decidedly the best place to watch and photograph birds, that is where the community meets – you will get a lot. We are back to the Albatros latitudes, the furious fifties, which are now living up to their good reputation. Buller’s albatros, Wandering albatros, Southern royal albatros, Campbell albatros, Light-mantled sooty albatros, did I forget one? And of course, all the prions, the ever-present Cape petrels, Soft-plumaged petrel, Mottled petrel, shearwaters … there is a lot around. Lucky who gets a sharp photo of a prion.

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