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Ushuaia – 15 January 2018

It is a long trip from central Europe to the southernmost tip of South America, from Frankfurt via Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. It is quite nice to get the body in a horizontal position after 38 hours in planes and airports.

But this is just the unavoidable beginning of such a trip. Now that’s already history, and I am sitting in the cosy salong of SY Anne-Margaretha, a 22 m long Dutch two-mast sailing boat with a solid steel hull. On this boat, skipper/boat owner Heinz Wutschke and his crew of 4 will take us down south to Antarctica in the next couple of days, over a total duration of 25 days from Ushuaia to Ushuaia. Serious stuff! Most of the bigger ships are back in port after 10-11 days.

SY Anne-Margaretha, Ushuaia

SY Anne-Margaretha (left) in the yacht harbour of Ushuaia.

Heinz and is crew are still busy getting everything ready. Our passengers are around, yesterday we already had the opportunity already to share a glass of whine and to bring out a toast to the voyage. May the winds be with us!

Rolf on board Anne-Margaretha, Ushuaia

Rolf settling down on SY Anne-Margaretha in Ushuaia.

They won’t if we leave today, we know that from the weather forecast. So we will take it with time and leave tomorrow, probably staying somewhere in the Beagle Channel and sail out into the Drake-Passage the day after tomorrow. That way, we should have fine sailing winds all the way to the South Shetland Islands ☺ and that would help a lot. We all know that the Drake-Passage is a place to be treated respectfully, especially from the perspective of a 22 m boat. Fair winds will make our life during the crossing much better, that’s for sure.

Ushuaia - 15.01.2018

The Beagle Kanal: the first step of our trip to Antarctica!

So, everybody is out, enjoying a warm and sunny day somewhere in the surroundings of Ushuaia, in the National Park or elsewhere, before we meet altogether for dinner on board.

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P.S. as usual, I will update this travel blog more or less regularly over the next couple of weeks. That depends on time and the possibility to sit down on deck and establish a satellite connection, so it will certainly not happen in the Drake Passage and during periods of bad weather. Nevertheless, I’ll find opportunities every now and then, so please keep coming back!

And when back in civilisation around mid February, I will replace the few and small pics that I am able to send through the satellite by much nicer photo galleries. So, again, it’ll be worth coming back to this site then!

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