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Puerto Williams – 12 March 2018

Puerto Williams! I must have sailed past Puerto Williams about 80 times, but I have never actually been there. So it was about time! The place started out as a naval base in 1953, so it is not actually one of the world’s great wonders in terms of architecture or whatever, but it has grown a bit into a civilian settlement which claims to be the southernmost town in the world!
That is certainly disputable and the result will depend on your definition of a town, which will need to be quite flexible in order to include Puerto Williams. But there are some shops and small restaurants (at least one of them is really nice, as we were happy to find out), the bow of the Yelcho (the ship that rescued Shackleton’s men from Elephant Island), an ATM and the very charming Yacht’s club house, on a boat that is grounded in the Yacht harbour. A lovely place to spend some time and I am sure it has seen some parties over the years!

Gallery – Puerto Williams – 12 March 2018

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We went on a „beaurocratic sightseeing tour“. Something that may be a rather strange approach for a tourist visit and it is by no means more interesting than it sounds. But we had to enter Chile officially with the boat and all souls and that requires paperwork at a number of addresses in town. Not the biggest place in the world, so that was alright.

And Puerto Williams is surrounded by dense, dark patagonian mountain rain forests. I am wondering if they have got Ents there? I’m tempted to believe that there must be some there! ?

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