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Isla Hose – 21 March 2018

Calm night, well shel­te­red? For­get about it … that works well as long as the anchor is hol­ding, but once the wind starts blo­wing stron­gly from the wrong direc­tion and the anchor is drag­ging, you sud­den­ly find yours­elf at ungod­ly ear­ly times undo­ing shore­li­nes from trees on steep, slip­pery shores in the dark­ness and so on. Well, some time later the anchor – both of them, to be pre­cise – went down in the midd­le of the lar­ger bay, and ever­y­thing was fine again. Back to bed for ano­ther litt­le while.

Isla Hose

View from Isla Hose over the Pata­go­ni­an archi­pe­la­go

A win­dy day, which kept us insi­de the bay in Isla Hose, enjoy­ing life on board and later making some walk on the island. For some of us who had an uncon­trol­led out­break of moti­va­ti­on for hiking it tur­ned out to be a good bit of a walk, fol­lo­wing a cou­ple of hill­tops, crossing small wet­lands, very den­se forests and steep slo­pes. Good fun!

Isla Hose

A walk through den­se forests on Isla Hose

Gal­lery – Isla Hose – 21 March 2018

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