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Canal Moraledo & Isla Canal

As if a sunset on a calm fjord between many islands was not already a show of perfect beauty. How does it get even more beautiful? Dolphins.

On Isla Canal, we invented the term „three-dimensional hiking“ because we were moving in the dense forest somehow in a diffuse matrix of branches, bamboo, rotten roots and surprisingly large cavities between them. A very gradual transition from the mostly air-filled space at the top and the more or less solid bottom. Often less solid.

Good fun!

Gallery – Canal Moraledo & Isla Canal – 01/02 April 2018

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According to the weather forecast, we should now have had lovely sailing wind from the south. In reality, we are crossing up north against the wind and some rather rough seas. Still 180 nautical miles to go to Puerto Montt. We will see.

last modification: 2018-04-06 · copyright: Rolf Stange