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The jour­ney back home: Mon­te­vi­deo – 25th March 2020

So far, so good: we are along­side in Mon­te­vi­deo. If ever­ything works accord­ing to plan from here on, then this should have been the last beau­ti­ful sun­set at sea for most of us, with the sky­line of Mon­te­vi­deo in the fore­ground.

Gre­at atmo­s­phe­re last night. The Orte­li­us choir per­for­med and many songs fol­lo­wed. Time to say good­bye.


Fin­gers cros­sed that this was inde­ed the last evening with ever­y­bo­dy on board. We are cur­r­ent­ly all on board, the day has just star­ted here at the time of wri­ting. Most of us are sche­du­led to fly out today, tomor­row or on Fri­day. Not all of us. Some pre­fer to remain on board, others are not able to reach their home coun­tries due to tra­vel restric­tions. But let’s see what the next days bring. The­re will still be nego­tia­ti­ons and decisi­ons. We are not home yet.

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