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Puerto Edén – 27 March 2018

Suddenly the weather is on our side again and Caleta Colibri lets us go. The advantage of the quick weather changes is that the weather changes quickly.

After a night and many miles we reach Puerto Edén, which really looks like a bit of a garden Eden on a day like this, under a blue sky and with mirror images on the water. We haven’t had too many days like this!

Puerto Edén

Simple but colourful huts in Puerto Edén

Puerto Edén is a small village with a few hundred inhabitants, most of them descendants of the indigeneous population of this area. The usual, tragic history of colonial murder and diseases has not left many of them alive, and practically nothing of their culture. Instead, there is Puerto Edén, which started its existance as a small airforce base and still has a military presence. Beyond that, it has a number of simple but colourful huts near the shore, which looks beautiful. It is lovely to walk around and enjoy all the views and colours and the weather which feels really mediterranean on a rare day like this. Unfortunatly, my Colobri photo from yesterday (or the day before? Time is flying, it is amazing!) has lost a lot of value as a rarity today, as there are a lot of Colibris around here and the dedicated photographers got rewarded for their patience.

Gallery – Puerto Edén – 27 March 2018

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There are even two shops, but both of them fit into a small room. But there are fishermen who come directly to the boat to offer their fresh catch. Delicious!

In the afternoon and during the night, we make sure that we get further north. We have to, there are still many miles to go and the weather is perfect and of rare beauty.

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